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1. Teams must contain one to four participants. Not more than four people are allowed in a team.

2. Participants can use any language or web framework.

3. The website should be developed with the theme of "Nation building and community welfare" which may include implementation of any startup idea or may target various social and economic issues.

4. This contest would comprise of two rounds:

Round-I:The contestants will have to submit an abstract in PDF format depicting the working and motto of your website and how it satisfies the given theme.It is more like an initial proposal of your application and should also contain the details of the participants.This round would be held between 21-23 January,2018.
The last date of submission for this round is 23 January, 2018 till 05:00 pm.
Round-II: The participants must deploy their web application on free servers like 000webhost , Heroku etc. and submit its link in a PDF file inside the folder. The organizers of the competition will have access to your code base which will be submitted in the same folder, to prevent cheating from occurring. We pledge not to disclose all or part of the code of your application This round would be held between 24-29January, 2018.
The last date of submission for this round is 29 January, 2018 till 05:00 pm.

5. Third-party software in the form of libraries or plugins are allowed and we encourage it's use if they are available to the general public and it's use is permitted by the license. Javascript libraries, flash widgets are also allowed, as well as other applications such as ImageMagick, ffmpeg, etc.

6. The web application can include publicly available web services. This means that mashups with services such as Google, Yahoo, Flickr, Twitter, etc. are all possible and allowed.

7. Website will be judged on the basis of design, user interface, originality, innovation, utility and completeness

Prizes :

1st Position : ₹5000

2nd Position : ₹3000

3rd Position : ₹2000

For queries contact :

Sarthak Sharma : +91 7252033642