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1. Teams must contain one to four participants. Not more than four people are allowed on a team.

2. The contest is for novel and innovative android phone and tablet applications. All applications must be compatible with minimum SDK API 19:Android 4.4(Kit-Kat) and maximum SDK API 24:Android 7.0(Nougat).

3.The application should be developed with the theme of "Nation building and community welfare" which may include implementation of any startup idea or may target at various social and economic issues.
You may refer to following ideas:
BeMyEyes-an application for the blind people.
Earthquake Alert!-an application for earthquake alerts.

4.This contest would comprise of two rounds:
• Round-I:The contestants will have to submit any app made by the participants of their choice and a file in PDF format depicting the working and motto of your application.This round would be held between 21-23 January, 2018.
The last date of submission for this round is 23 January, 2018 till 05:00 pm.
• Round-II:In this round the contestants will have to make an app on the theme mentioned above.The contestants will have to submit the binary build of the application i.e apk file and a PDF document containing description of your application along with the screenshots of different features of your application in a folder. This round would be held between 24-29January, 2018.
The last date of submission for this round is 29 January, 2018 till 05:00 pm.

5. Network services that are part of the application should also be real services embodying no mock-up components.

6. If your application has a server component, submission of that server package is not required. But it is your responsibility to make sure the server is running and available during the judgment period so application is functional during evaluation.

7. The app will be judged on the basis of perceived value, importance, originality, innovation,definition and business viability.

8. Your entry may not include any third party trademarks (logos, names) or copyrighted materials (music, images, video, recognizable people) unless you have obtained permission to use the materials.

Prizes :

1st Position : ₹5000

2nd Position : ₹3000

3rd Position : ₹2000

For queries contact :

Harshit Joshi : +91 8476972545